WAGS Rules & Constitution

1. Name 
 The name of the Society is 'Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society' ("Society"). 
2. Objective 
 The objective of the Society is to enhance its members' participation in, and enjoyment of the game of golf. 
3. Membership 
3.1 Prospective members are to apply for membership using the 'Membership Application Form'. The form is to be completed by prospective members who have already played golf with two Society members who are willing to propose the applicant. Completed forms together with the current membership fee are to be sent to the Membership Secretary, who will present such application to the next Committee meeting where acceptance for membership will be confirmed/denied by the Committee. 
3.2 Members living outside the UK mainland are categorized "Overseas Members". Existing members moving abroad automatically transfer to this category. Those applying to join the society as Overseas Members are subject to the normal application procedure. The subscription will be a nominal sum as set by the Committee and attendance of events on payment of the full member fee is permitted when visiting the UK. On repatriation to the UK, full membership will automatically be available subject to joining the waiting list. 
3.3 Resignation shall be in writing. Membership shall lapse if the Committee decide that a member shows insufficient interest in the Society. The result of any disciplinary action may be the revocation of membership. No circumstances will result in the refund of any monies. 
3.4 Subject to the Committee's prior approval, members may take a one year membership suspension following which they will automatically be permitted to take up full membership again subject to joining the waiting list. During suspension, no subscription will be due and playing as a guest will be allowed. This option may be exercised only once. 
4. Fees 
4.1 An annual membership fee will be set by the Committee. 
4.2 The Society agrees to pay the English Golfing Union ("EGU") annually on the due date all registration and membership fees as decided by the Executive Committee of the EGU. 
5. Funds 
 In the event of the dissolution of the Society, the funds, assets and properties of the Society shall be distributed as directed by the Committee. The Society is a non-profit making organisation. 
6. Conduct 
6.1 The Society agrees to abide by the "Rules of Golf" as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. 
6.2 The Society agrees to abide by the "Rules of Amateur Status" as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. 
6.3 The Society recognises that the EGU is the governing body for men's amateur golf within England and as such recognises its authority to govern the game. 
6.4 The Society agrees to accept the conditions as laid down by the EGU, in respect of the EGU Registered Golf Society Scheme and furthermore agrees to adopt such changes as may from time to time be determined by the EGU. 
6.5 Society members agree to abide by the highest standards of etiquette, always endeavouring to enhance the reputation of the Society. 
7. Structure 
7.1 An Annual General Meeting ("AGM") will be held each year. Only those Members who were also members three months prior to the date of the AGM can vote. 
7.2 The Society shall have the following officers who shall constitute the Committee of the Society, which is empowered to run the affairs of the Society: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary, Handicap Secretary, Membership Secretary, and Merchandise Manager. The Chairman, or acting chairman, will have the casting vote at any meeting. 
7.3 Committee members are to be elected for a two year period by the Membership at an AGM. At the first AGM the Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, and Membership Secretary will be elected. The following AGM will elect the other committee members. 
7.4 The Society will appoint a Rules Official whose decision will be final on all matters relating to the Rules of Golf. 
7.5 The Quorum for a meeting of the Society is eight. 
7.6 The Committee will meet at least six times per year. The quorum for a meeting of the Committee is four. 
7.7 The Committee agrees to advise the EGU immediately of any changes in the officers of the Society. 
7.8 The Society has a "Competition and Handicapping Committee" ("CHC") which comprises of the Handicap Secretary, the Chairman of the Society, and another member of the Committee. The CHC will organise competitions for the members, and will control handicapping under the authority as delegated to them by the EGU. 
7.9 The CHC will determine the conditions which appertain to each competition, and will supply all members and the EGU with details of these conditions. 
7.10 The CHC shall keep full records of competitions and handicaps of members as determined by the EGU. These will be available on request. 
7.11 The Society agrees to adopt the Handicapping Scheme for Registered Societies of the EGU as determined by the EGU, and no other method of handicapping for those members not in possession of a Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) handicap shall be introduced. 
7.12 The Society will organise a minimum of eight competitions or Society events per year. 
8. Discipline 
 The Committee will decide on all disciplinary matters. Any member being disciplined has the right to have any fellow members in attendance at any hearing. 
9. Members' details 
9.1 The Secretary shall advise the EGU immediately of the names and addresses of all new members and of those who resign from the Society. 
9.2 The Secretary shall advise the EGU immediately of the allocation of an EGU Registered Society Handicap to a member. 
9.3 The Secretary shall advise the EGU quarterly on the dates specified by the EGU of any alteration to handicaps of its members. 

Effective date : 1 January 1998

© Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
January 1998