Minutes of Wag Site committee meeting 24th February 1999 at X-Design

Minutes of Wag Site committee meeting 24th February 1999 at X-Design

Present Peter Berring, John Stembridge, Steve Stoner

Apologies Charles Staveley

JS outlined the objectives of the meeting:

* To review the current site.

* To decide the design and direction of the site for 1999.


In the eleven months since the site went "live", more than 1200 visits to the site have been recorded. It is generally agreed within the Society and outside that the site has a very professional "look and feel". All in all, the site has been a great success and is valued by the membership.

Changes/Directions for 1999

A new look to the site is planned for 1999. The existing content is to be reorganised and extended. SS will devise a new "look" for the site, involving different colours and button styles. New features will include a private "members only" section (JS to action) and more use of pictures (PB to provide existing photos).

Members Only Area

This will be a major change in that this section of the site will only be available to Society members. Access to this area will be controlled by a personal password. It will be split into two parts:

1. General page containing the membership list and committee contact details.

2. Personal section containing details and information for each individual member.

Personal Section

Each member will only be able to access their own pages. These will include the following:

* A personal details page giving name, address, phone numbers and email addresses.

* A history page showing the member's scores for every event that they have attended.

* A handicap history page showing the evolution of the member's handicap.

* An account page showing all transactions on the member's account and current balance.

Additional functions in this section will allow members to:

* Submit a new member application form

* Amend their personal details

* Book a fixture

E-mailing the committee

Each committee and other function will have a dedicated e-mail address which will be linked to as appropriate throughout the site. Addresses identified so far:









Home Page

The home page will be simplified to show just the following:

* Logo ( including a "hot spot" on the words "founded 1845")

* Navigation buttons

* Last updated date

* Hit counter

* Sponsors' logos with links

About Page

The text currently shown on the home page will be revised and placed on the "About WAGS" page. PB to provide text.

Scally Wags

This new section, edited by Charles Staveley, will replace Chin Wags. Contents to be decided/compiled by CS.

Fixtures and Results Pages

These will include "thumbnail" photos of trophies which will link to a bigger photo, together with details of the donator and history of past winners and present holder.

Victor Ludorem Page

This will gain an extra column showing the "lowest counting score" for each member.


The Fixtures, Results, Victor Ludorem and Handicap pages will contain new buttons "Prior Year" and "Next Year" to allow navigation across years.

The History page will gain some copy and will include a photo gallery. Volunteer editor required (JS has some material - old committee minutes and photos).


JS send a list of new navigation buttons to SS;

prepare mechanism for the members' area.

PB provide JS with WAGS photo collection;

copy for the "About WAGS" page.

SS devise new site "look"

CS compile first issue of Scally Wags