Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 7th October 1999 at Wimbledon Common Golf Club


Peter Berring (Chair), Gerry Robinson, Fred Berring, John Stembridge, Rob Holgate, Stan Logan, Steve Cook, Bruce Garrett, Tony Bennett, Peter Middleton, Mike Humphries, John Bright, Steve Shaw, Richard Latham, Rhod James, Steve Ramsay, Steve Pimbley, Guests:-Martin Dilk-Wing, Henry Koszarek. Apologies:-Mike Dearden, Andy Phillips.

Committee Bulletins

PB welcomed the members to the AGM.

RH (Membership) confirmed the roll at 47 and advised that Steve Pimbley and Steve Ramsay joined that day. He asked for more e-mail details as this the best means of communication. He requested members provide a photo for the WAGSite.

JS (Handicaps) advised that there had been few adjustments this season which suggests the handicaps are appropriate.

FB (Finance) advised that there is unlikely to be a surplus to add to the 2002 10 year fund this year. He asked people to let him know if they cannot make payment of subs. on time. After a debate, S Logan proposed and R Latham seconded a motion that a payment deadline be set by FB after which a member will be required to pay the joining fee in addition to the sub.. The motion was carried.

SL (Events Organiser) explained the cycle for booking into events. He said that the process is better without Whippets.

AP (Fixtures) via the Chair, said that two fixtures may change next year. A vote was held on the event format with the result that the majority opted to continue with 9 holes in the morning followed by the scoring round of 18 holes in the afternoon.

GR (Secretary) reported on Committee Meeting proceedings.

Committee Structure And Election of Committee Members

PB outlined a revision whereby the number of Committee Members will continue at 8, but the Handicap and Merchandise roles will be combined and a new position of Communications Secretary will be created. The meeting voted in favour of the change.

R James proposed and F Berring seconded John Stembridge for Communications Secretary. R Latham proposed and S Shaw seconded Rhod James for Handicap and Merchandise Secretary. P Berring proposed and F Berring seconded Andy Phillips for Fixtures Secretary. All three were voted in unanimously.

PB recorded the Society’s thanks to Mike Dearden for his many years of work as Merchandise Secretary, and his contribution to Committee Meetings.


PB thanked JS for the computing input and Steve Stoner for the graphic design that is now the successful website. JS confirmed that 22 members have registered, and cost is c. £100 pa. The WAGSite is the mainstay of Communication Secretaries work.


Once again RL recalled another success in Cornwall - even though injury stopped him playing! Paul Harris was the winner. Next year is set for 8-10 September 2000. PB thanked RL for his great organisation.

Steve Cook outlined a possible tour to Liverpool. A date was set for 1 & 2 April 2000 - details to follow.

Dinner Dance

Tony Bennett once again agreed to organise this for 4 February 2000. All ideas welcome.


PB thanked the staff of Wimbledon Common Golf Club for their excellent service. He also reminded members of the generosity of our sponsors Green Point, Duval-Leroy, and Brass Monkeys.

Gerry Robinson,