WAGS Etiquette

The Committee wishes to remind all Society Members that Etiquette is an essential part of the game of Golf. As no two golf courses are the same, and as golf has no 'referee', it is important that all players abide by the Etiquette, for the enjoyment of all. We also recognise that it is essential that the Society maintains its good reputation in the golfing world.

Below is a summary of the Etiquette of Golf, most of which is taken from the Rules of Golf:

Players should play without delay. The four hours taken for a round on public courses is not so acceptable on private courses.

The player having the honour will tee off immediately the players ahead are out of range.

Players should walk directly to their own ball.

Society members are expected to 'find' a lost ball well within the allowed 5 minutes.

All fairway divots must be replaced.

Bunkers will be raked on leaving, and players will enter and exit the bunker from the back.

Pitchmarks on greens must be repaired. All Society members are expected to carry a pitch repair tool.

On the green, players must not stand on the line of another player.

Care will be taken on removal and replacement of the flagstick.

Putts should be 'lined up' whilst other players are putting.

On completion of the hole, all players will leave the green immediately: scorecards should be marked at the next tee.

Trolleys are not allowed on Tees or Greens.

All Society members will be fully aware of all Local Rules, as printed on the Scorecard, or as displayed on noticeboards.

Society members are responsible for their guests' observance of Etiquette.

© Wimbledon Ancient Golf Society
August 1992