2012 Tour Proposals

The Committee has received three proposals for the 2012 20th Anniversary tour. These are from Richard Latham and Gerry McGuffie (Cape Town), Mike Dearden (and various assistants!) (Estonia) and Mike Beament and Andy Burn (Majorca). Links to all three proposals are shown below. WAGS will be providing a subsidy towards the cost of the chosen tour, which is likely to be 200 per person.

In order to help the Committee reach a decision about how to proceed, I would be grateful if members could complete and return a questionnaire.

Given timing issues, the Committee needs to make its decision promptly. Could I therefore ask everyone to respond by midnight on Friday 20th May 2011.

I would ask all members, please, to provide their views. This tour will represent a significant financial commitment for the Society and the committee therefore wants to predict as accurately as possible what the demand for the tour will be.

Regards to all

Rhod James (Secretary)


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