WAGS Handicap Rules - 2002 Season

1. The following rules apply for the setting and adjustment of handicaps during the 2002 season.

2. There will be a review of handicaps after every event of the season, save in the case of a tour, when there will be a single review at the end of the tour. This will be conducted by Rhod James, with input from the other members of the handicap committee - Stan Logan and Fred Berring.

3. A Member can qualify for a handicap cut by two routes:-
a) There will be a one stroke cut for victory in an event.
b) There will be a cut in accordance with the formula set out in paragraph 4.

4. In relation to an event:-
a) take all of the scores
b) put aside the highest and lowest score
c) calculate the average of the remaining scores. Say therefore 22 players attend an event, you take the 20 scores running from 2nd to 21st place (as you ignore top and bottom). Say these add up to 500. The average score is therefore 25.
d) You then multiply the average by 1.3. That gives 32.5 - the "mark up".
e) You then compare everyone's score (including the top and bottom) with the mark up.
f) If someone exceeds the mark up by 2 points, they qualify for a one stroke cut. If someone exceeds it by 4 points or more, they qualify for a two stroke cut.

5. If a member qualifies for a cut both by winning an event, and via the formula, the formula takes priority, so that the member is not penalised twice. For example therefore, if a winner also qualifies for a one stroke cut under the formula, he is only cut one stroke.

6. Note that:-
a) Under the formula, you can qualify for a cut without necessarily winning an event.
b) The formula will not necessarily produce a cut in every event, hence the introduction of the "automatic cut for the winner" rule.
c) The handicap committee will retain an ultimate discretion over any cuts, to ensure that the rules do not produce any unfair outcome.

7. With effect from the start of the 2002 season, there will be a new rule to provide for automatic increases to handicaps. This will work in the following manner. In relation to an event:-
a) Repeat the exercise described at paragraphs 4 a) to c), above.
b) If any player records two consecutive scores which are four points or more below the average score in the events in question (the average having been calculated in accordance with paragraphs 4a to c), that player will be awarded an automatic one stroke increase in his handicap.
c) Again the handicap committee will retain an ultimate discretion over any increases, to ensure that the rules do not produce any unfair outcome.
For the avoidance of doubt, once a player's handicap has been increased, the consecutive rounds are removed from the record for the purpose of calculating any future increase. In other words he will have to record two further consecutive low rounds to qualify for a further stroke increase.

8. Save in the case of new members (see rule 9, below), there will be no other handicap changes during the course of a season. There will however be an annual review of all handicaps, by the handicap committee, at the end of the season. All end of season increases and cuts will be entirely in the discretion of the handicap committee.

9. New members will be subject to the above rules. However any new member will have an additional review, after he has played in three events, to ensure that his handicap is realistic. In the event that the third event falls in the middle of a tour, the review will take place at the end of that tour. Any change following this review is entirely in the discretion of the handicap committee.

Rhod James 7th February 2002