WAGS Handicap Rules

1. The following rules apply for the setting and adjustment of handicaps.

2. There will be a review of handicaps after every event of the season, save in the case of a tour, when there will be a single review at the end of the tour. This will be conducted by Rhod James, with input from the other members of the handicap committee - Stan Logan and Fred Berring.

3. A Member can qualify for a handicap cut by two routes:

4. In relation to an event:

5. If a member qualifies for a cut both by winning an event, and via the formula, the formula takes priority, so that the member is not penalised twice. For example therefore, if a winner also qualifies for a one stroke cut under the formula, he is only cut one stroke.

6. Note that:

7. Save in the case of new members (see rule 8, below), there will be no handicap increases during the course of a season. Increases will only be considered as part of an annual review, by the handicap committee, at the end of the season. All end of season increases will be entirely in the discretion of the handicap committee; however by way of guidance, the committee will consider an increase where a member has been 15 points or more below a mark up, on at least two occasions.

8. New members will be subject to the above rules. However any new member will have an additional review, after he has played in three events, to ensure that his handicap is realistic. Any change following this review is entirely in the discretion of the handicap committee.

Rhod James 11th March 2000.