Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 3rd October 2001 at Wimbledon Common Golf Club


Peter Berring (Chair), Gerry Robinson, Fred Berring, John Stembridge, Andy Phillips, Stan Logan, Rhod James, Gerry McGuffie, Richard Latham, Steve Shaw, Richard Young, Tony Bennett.


S Pimbley, M Beament

Committee Member Reports

RJ (Handicaps/Merchandise) advised that rules for lowering handicaps work well. For next season, equivalent rules for upward variations will be put in place. RJ reported that all but 10 members have collected their WAGS shoe bags. For next year, a WAGS umbrella is planned. The stock list will be updated on the WAGSite.

AP (Fixtures) confirmed the events have been a success. A side benefit of the 27 hole day has been the containment of costs. The meeting endorsed the 27 hole format. AP suggested Gatton Manor be re-introduced as a weekday event. He observed that the good response to Portugal has much to do with the long advance notice. AP highlighted the problems caused by members without e-mail. R Latham proposed and R James seconded a motion that members without e-mail will not be circulated separately, but will have to find out information for themselves. AP thanked S Logan for his excellent organization.
In the light of Andy's resignation, the meeting supported PB in thanking Andy for the many years of hard work and multiple successes in this role.

JS (Communications) emphasized the WAGSite and e-mail is integral to communication across the society. He said that the facility for members to place items on the WAGSite exists (e.g. Chin-WAGS), so all he needs is copy from the members. PB advised that C Staveley is preparing some items and invited members to submit reports, stories, articles, etc. for all to share. JS reminded members of the need to update their details.

FB (Finance) re-iterated the need for members to make contact if they cannot submit subs. on time otherwise he will have to assume a lapsed membership. Sub. renewal notices will be by e-mail this time. Available funds stand at c. 4,000 and the 2002 Fund is 3,000.

GMc (Membership) confirmed there are 49 members with 3 waiting to join. H Kozarek rejoined and N Gordon moves to overseas status. After discussion on ways of welcoming new members, it became clear that GM could coordinate the following: an introduction to the WAGSite, provision of printed Fixtures Card and presentation of the WAGS tie.

A debate then followed about the inclusion of members' job details on the WAGSite, the access to personal information by other members and the impact of the Data Protection Act. The following motions were passed: (1) The personal details screen will now include a tick box to acknowledge that the details may be viewed by all members; (2) Certain sensitive details pertaining to address and job information may be designated "closed" by the member which means they can only be used for administration; (3) Additional detail fields like occupation may be added to the current personal details screen.

GR (Secretary) commented on the good practices and disciplines of the committee resulting in effective output. He raised the issue of the availability of Minutes. S Logan proposed and R James seconded a motion that the Minutes should be available to all members on the WAGSite - this was carried.

SL (Event Coordinator) said that the response and advance payments for events can always be improved and asked committee members to be first (not last!) in signing up for events to encourage attendance.

PB (Chair) invited the meeting to express thanks to the committee for their hard work.

Election of Committee Members

The following positions fall due for election under the bi-annual rotation rules of the society: Fixtures Secretary (AP not standing for re-election), Communications Secretary and Handicap And Merchandise Secretary.
PB proposed and GR seconded Richard Latham for Fixtures Secretary, PB proposed and AP seconded JS to continue as Communications Secretary, PB proposed and SS seconded RJ to continue as Handicap And Merchandise Secretary. All 3 motions were duly carried unanimously.

2002 - 10 Year Tour

20 people have paid deposits so far and the maximum number of places available is 28. John Bright has the organization under control and will keep members informed.

2001 Season Dinner Dance

M Longmore has taken on the organization. He will seek the members' feedback ahead of investigating options.

Cornwall Tour

RL said 22 attended the 8th tour and he thanked R James for his help. In response to his question, it was agreed that next year Woodbury Park remains a fixture. Members joined PB in thanking RL for his continued work.


After some debate, it was agreed that match proposals put to the Committee will be considered on merit. The aims of WAGS and the already tight event schedule dictate that matches cannot be given a higher priority.


PB proposed a vote of thanks to Green Point, Duval-Leroy and Brass Monkeys for their continued support of WAGS. After discussion, members were invited to propose other forms of sponsorship to the Committee.

Other Business

JS advised that S Johnson and S Stoner propose "a hole in one fund" generated by adding 1 to the price of each event. Committee agreed to review this proposal including issues of amateur prize limits.

SL requested he be allowed to bring a lady guest to the Pine Ridge event.
The meeting recognized the attendance by ladies at WAGS events has been debated before, but never permitted. After discussion, it was agreed necessary to consult the EGU and the WAGS' rules to clarify the current status given the potential for this being a constitutional matter. Further, given its potential significance, it was considered appropriate to involve all 49 members in the debate. It was felt the issue has to be an agenda item for an extraordinary meeting to make members aware the topic needs full consideration and allow them time to prepare adequately. Overall despite having a quorum, it was felt unwise to make a decision at this AGM with only 12 attendees. Nonetheless PB offered to put the matter to the vote immediately, but this offer was not taken up.


PB closed the meeting and thanked the members for their attendance.


Gerry Robinson