Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 27th September 2000 at Wimbledon Common Golf Club


Peter Berring (Chair), Gerry Robinson, Fred Berring, John Stembridge, Andy Phillips, Stan Logan, Rhod James, Tony Bennett, Gerry McGuffie, Neil Gordon, Simon Henty, Paul Beddow, Nick Petrou, Martin Dilke-Wing, Steve Shaw. Apologies: Rob Holgate, John Bright

Committee Member Reports

PB (Chair) called the meeting to order and welcomed the members.

GR (Secretary) advised on the continuing importance of the English Golfing Union (EGU) and of their website for those interested.

RJ (Handicaps/Merchandise) said that the new rules for varying handicaps are in full force and are working effectively. This year, we are to receive a WAGS shoe bag. For those interested, there are some WAGrags from last year still available.

SL (Event Coordinator) asked for members to confirm their attendance for events at least one week in advance to allow WAGS to confirm numbers. Our reputation depends on working with the golf clubs. The dates of events are on the WAGSite from the start of the year. he only reminder will be issued a week before by e-mail to those who have not responded.

AP (Fixtures) said we have a good selection of venues which we like to vary a little each year. We are welcomed back. After discussion it was agreed that in 2001 there will be an April fixture and that the August fixture should be early in the month ahead of family holidays.

JS (Communications) reported that 40 members are in e-mail contact and he encouraged members to use the now extensive WAGSite services for all communications. Maps of venues will be added and e-mail conferencing.

FB (Finance) said that each member can see his account on the WAGSite. If there are problems with paying subs on time, let FB know. FB projects a surplus from 2000 of 600, the 2002 Fund stands at 2,600.

RH (Membership) was not present, but John Macleod, proposed by A. Phillips and S. Logan, was accepted as a member subject to sub. payment. Paul Speller agreed as an overseas member when sub. paid.

Election of Committee Members

The following positions fall due for election under the bi-annual rotation rules of the society: Chaiman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Event Organiser.

As Rob Holgate did not offer himself for re-election, S Logan proposed and R James seconded Gerry McGuffie for Membership Secretary. The members supported this unanimously. For the other positions, M Dilke-Wing proposed the re-election of the existing holders and N Gordon seconded this proposal. The members unanimously supported this.


The members joined PB in thanking Richard Latham for yet another very successful Cornwall weekend. After some discussion it was felt that for various reasons, there will not be a tour in April.

2002 - 10 Year Tour

The debate was initiated on when and where. JS will post a questionnaire on the WAGSite so that members can state their preferences for the dates.

Annual Awards Dinner Dance

The members felt that Wimbledon Common is a good solution and that unless alternatives are raised within a month, T Bennett our volunteer organizer will go ahead.


SL agreed to organize a return match against Seaforth at Coombe Wood. SL will come up with a proposal for covering costs and for a trophy. For WAGS competitions, it was suggested that only those who are interested should play so as to minimize time wasting.


PB wrapped up the proceedings with thanks to the staff of Wimbledon Common and a vote of thanks to our sponsors Duval-Leroy, Green Point and Brass Monkeys.


Gerry Robinson